The Fund

The Fund was set up in loving memory of Mr and Mrs Hung Mau Wu from Hong Kong, parents of nine children who migrated to Europe between the 1960-1980s, in search for a better life.

To Apply

Application deadline is SEPTEMBER 1 of the current calendar year. The Fund only accepts applications through traditional post. The Applicant must be under the age of 25 at the time of application, be of direct Chinese origin and/or nationality and the studies must lead to the minimum of Bachelor’s degree within one of the designated subjects: Hospitality, Business, Education, Medicine OR International Law / International Relations. For full details, see the Application PDF.


Year Name Nationality Study Field Semesters
2016 Li, Mingze China Economy 2
2016 Cao, Shuya China Int. Law 2
2016 Ren, Xiaomi China Business 1
2016 Bao, Rong Cecilia Canada Public Health 8
2015 Yan, Fangming China Eng. Physics 8
2014 Chan, Kwan Pui Hong Kong Pharmacy 5
2014 Aslam, Umme Habiba Hong Kong Criminology 6
2013 Li, Mingze China Economy 6
2013 Liu, Hanya China Intl. Law 6
2013 Guan, Yiyang China Education 4
2013 Tse, Kin Pong UK Radiography 8
2012 Chung, Yan Yu Hong Kong Fashion Design 1
2012 Pui, Ming Yee Clarissa Canada Pharmacy 8